Example Campaigns

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We connect directly to your point of sale software, so we are able to message your customers based on any information that you collect in the system. We will work with you to understand your goals and based on that suggest custom campaigns for your business in order to maximize the effectiveness of our marketing tool

Here are some example campaigns previous customers have used

Example Campaigns

  • Automatically text customers who haven’t been in your shop for over 30, 60, 90 days, with an exclusive deal.

  • Track purchasing cycles of customers and text message them when they break cycle. 15% off first break, 25% off second break, 35% off third break in a row, etc.

  • Automated drip campaigns for new customers. Get their feedback and get them back.

  • Recurring weekly or monthly deals texted to all customers or a subsection of customers (subsection of customers by: city, sex, zip, age, average order size, total $ spent, last order, birthday or any information recorded in your POS)

  • Vendor sponsored texts and e-mails

  • Flash deals texted to all our customers

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